Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Much of the time when a large number of people are asked about their goals...the popular answer seems to be 'successful in business' or 'make a lot of money'.  All depends on who you're asking, right? 

Once upon a time a thousand dollars was a fortune...thousands was jacked up to millions are jacked up to billions and trillions (governmentally speaking).  Wanna' be a Bill Gates or a Warren Buffett.  Oh boy...everyone in the world would give their eye teeth or...would they?  Would you?  Would I? 

Here's something for you to think on:
Lord, Make Me Rich'
I prayed this prayer. Lord, make me rich.
Oh, it wasn't totally selfish. I wanted to be able to give my family nice things.

We got bids on a sprinkler system for our lawn many years ago. Too expensive.
God's answer: drag a water hose around the yard.

We got a dog, and another, and another (in succession as each died).
I have become the designated dog walker. Can't afford to hire a pet sitter to do it for me.

Lawn mowing service? Can't afford it.
So, I mow it, enlisting my three sons to help.

House needs painting. Can't afford to hire it done.
So, we are doing it ourselves (all family members).

My wife needed new brakes on her car.
I got filthy with brake dust (that stuff is like printer toner).

So, what about the prayer. God said no, right?

Yes, but...

I have discovered the joy of caring for a yard with my own hands.
Mowing, watering, sweating over it, pulling weeds, is great relaxation therapy, and gets me closer to nature and closer to God. And encouraging my boys to help teaches them the same joy.

Walking the dog gets me exercise and I have lots of talks with God while we walk.
I also talk to my dog. She's a good listener.

Painting, I have discovered, is something I love to do.

And fixing cars gives me a TON of satisfaction, and I always learn something new.

So, if God told me "no", why do I feel so rich?
That, friend, is just how God operates. I don't understand it. I just stand in amazement at HIM.

Father, thank you. In Jesus' name, amen. Jeff Beall 28 June, 2011

M and I will celebrate 59 years of marriage on the 8th of July.  We had zip money then...but we were rich in love...we became richer with four wonderful sons...a little richer with four daughter-in-laws and ten grandchildren...more about this richness in the next post.

From my heart...

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