Friday, July 15, 2011


Last week, during worship, Cody asked us to share w/each other (be vulnerable). Okay friend, I'm sharing with you and guess that leaves me a tad wide open. Bear with me, okay?
M and I celebrated our 59th wedding anniversary a week ago. Oh things have changed. Here we are retired and drawing Social Security. What's going on...our president and the major political parties aren't nearly as congenial to each other these days or so it seems...grrr! A power struggle is really in high gear; seems power and money go hand in hand much of the time, don't you think?

I suppose most citizens are a tad anxious or even fearful. We seem to be surrounded by the deafening clamor of angry voices, doom and gloom, fear and all that goes with it. Wouldn't it be great if 100% of us put aside all the pettiness, complaining and downright a way of life? Do we have it in us to do it?

Marcus Aurelius said, "Dig within. Within is the wellspring of Good; and it is always ready to bubble up, if you just dig." Okay, so what about this?

I've been doing some digging on my own and I believe it's a good thing to 'get out of the boat' so to speak. Oh yes, it's safe and comfy (in a sense) to stay in the boat...but I seem to remember someone walking on the water. Only drawback to that is...if I want to walk on water I've gotta' get out of the boat...takes faith. That isn't an easy thing but once you get the hang of it? It's,'s a 'walk on the water'.

Some of the time that activity is full of obstacles...and Satan can really do a number on us, right? Like? His family at South Main has been in a holding pattern since January. Much has happened and much hasn't happened...things seem to be standing almost still.

But wait...our seven shepherds are asking us to step up w/important decisions about the future. That means me and I can sit on the fence, in the middle of the other words 'sit this one out'. Aah, but I cannot, cannot do that...sure, it's risky but then He never told us our road would be a super freeway!

Eighteen months ago, the building program was just getting underway; M and I emptied our savings. Four months later M was diagnosed w/a very rare, incurable, fatal disease. People don't last long w/ usually takes years and years to even be diagnosed. Michael discovered it by himself...God work.

One month later an ENT surgeon took a biopsy of it...sent it to the pathologist.  Amyloidosis is only identifiable by ONE test (Congo Red Stain). Most physicians and pathologists don't tumble to it because it is soooo rare...our pathologist did the test...God work. We went from discovery to diagnosis in 5 weeks rather than five years or more.

So, here we are...eighteen months later with Father holding our hand as we're water walking. Not only does Michael continue maintaining his status quo, we find his condition is yet another very rare part of this rare is localized...God work.

We are enthusiastic about what God is doing at South Main. Let's face it, God gives and gives without restriction; He loves and loves without restriction. How can I do otherwise?

I've not written this to grandstand...I believe you know the two of us better than that. We simply have the desire to encourage.   Did we regret what we gave after discovering M's diagnosis? Never once. We figured we were in good hands no matter what. And what's super is that since then, we've managed to save half of what we gave 18 months ago...God work...He has given us the opportunity to do it again.

Susan Rabin said, "Enthusiasm is contagious. Be a carrier." Nothing's much warmer than a loving, caring, united family; that's an example for the world and who knows? Hmm, it might catch on. And remember..."Don't be afraid. Just believe."

So here I open book...vulnerable, unafraid and me; trust Him. 

From my heart.....

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