Sunday, August 7, 2011


"Today I am me...quite simple I be......
There's no one alive who is me-er than me"...
Dr. Seuss. (Please forgive my adaptation! )

My mother said I was born asking questions and as I progressed she added that I could never lie to her...she could see it in my eyes!  Whoosh...I'm glad 'cause honesty really is the best policy, right?  What I did though was to hide much of 'the real me'...I was terrified of 'an unknown something' so for a very long time the 'real me' didn't surface.  To my detriment I hid too many important things.  Thankfully I've become transparent with open abandonment.  Some might say that's not so good...others?  Let's see.

I believe God has given me a special gift...the gift of encouragement and I am on a mission.  My prayer is that you won't take that as conceit...that certainly isn't my intent.  Agree or not, I am convinced of the gift and I do my utmost to use it for His purposes...He knows my heart and that's what really matters. 

I am all about making a difference.  Never have I been quiet about that goal in my life.  But human being that I am, I admit that I actually craved 'praise' from certain people that I wanted to impress.  There...I've put it in print for you to read.  How little is that of me?  Aargh...too little...I begged forgiveness and He forgave! 

That is totally out of the picture now...thank you, God.  I realize that soft touch does wonders in the most unexpected ways and that's so...AWESOME.  Wow!  Surprises around so many corners...touching is touching...truly touching.  

Fast forward to date...William Bradfield said "There are those whose lives affect all others around them. Quietly touching one heart, who in turn, touches another. Reaching out to ends further than they would ever know".

In this society I'm pulled in a jillion directions...every single day.  I like quiet (not into noise) and if I'm not careful I sort of...well...lose it...where did my peaceful existence go?  Do you ever feel that way, even a little bit?  It's easy to forget the most important things in my life...I've learned God deserves my best, not my leftovers.

I aim to touch your heart...feel it?  I am touching you...ever so softly...ever so quietly. reach out and touch someone and so it goes...passing it on...on and on the touch goes and He is pleased.  He's into relationships and touching, remember?

Mother Teresa was humility personified and she said..."Honesty and transparency make you vulnerable.  Be honest and transparent anyway". 

So anyway, here I am, just me; honest and transparent...and I am works!!!

From my heart...

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