Friday, August 19, 2011


Okay, I wrote last week that I was going to practice trying to give God my full attention when praying rather than like multi-tasking; you know, like giving Him a minute and next thing I know I'm planning the next day...oh, sorry're still there? Oh, my bad.  Last night I finally devoted myself 100 % to what I was trying to say to least it's a start.

Added to that...I'm doing much better at listening to Michael during our early morning sharing times.  I think he's noticing my looking at him while he think? 

It's no wonder I'm like that, ours is such a 'busy society'.  When we moved to China that gave us a much slower pace of life.  Sadly, they are 'fast' changing...adopting the hurried lifestyle.

I like this proverb:
"It's tough trying to keepImage Detail
your feet on the ground,
your head above the clouds,
your nose to the grindstone,
your shoulder to the wheel,
your finger on the pulse,
your eye on the ball and
your ear to the ground". 

Whoosh...just reading that wears me down.  Are there those who can actually do all those things at one time...super multi-taskers?  I can chew gum and walk at the same time...stretch me further and I could possibly snap like a worn out rubber band.  What about you, can you do more than a couple of things at the same time? 
Hmm, bet you're quicker than me.

I've noticed (and M notices too)...that when I get a tad harried I sort of go into orbit...whoa!  Now if I focus/concentrate I do astonishingly well...oh, how good is that?  Downright awesome.  It's important to not just give it a quick's to be honest about what I'm doing...and the why involved. 

God has challenged me and He continues doing so.  He began several years ago and I've accepted it...even before I fully realized what it was He was doing in my life.  I marvel that He took me...a gawky little girl w/an ugly leg from an Oklahoma dust bowl and transformed me into what I am today.

Oh, you're wondering just exactly what I am today?  Well, I was painfully I doubt I meet any strangers.  I love people and I sort of interact w/them and wow, what doors are opened.  I love telling 'my story' ~ that would be what God has done in my life and I never ever tire of telling it.  He moved me out of my safe room and empowered me to go 'round the world and back again.  I love encouraging people and there is no pretense me, none at all. 

By this time you know that I'm transparent; what you see is what I am 24/7...Michael's the same...we are what we are because of what Father has planned and we co-operate.  He and His Son are the living water and bread of life...M and I are a couple of pipelines and baskets for the bread. 

God sort of 'challenged' me...putting it mildly!  Traipsing around the world by myself...moving to China...giant challenges!   Somehow He helped me, this chicken little...and I discovered who and what  Vasca is...I am His!

"Only those who can see the invisible can do the impossible" my eyes are sharp and I can honestly see the invisible...that's why I can do some of the things I once thought were impossible.  Ha, didn't I know that with Father nothing is impossible?  I just forgot.

How 'bout you and I get together and see some of those invisible things?  No end to what He would do with us...ready?  Okay, let's do it.

From my heart...

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